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Art for me disclose the relationship between human being and things around him/her. The art replace the existing materials with created worlds,,,, things purely aesthetic,,,,, as seen by the heart. The artistic work is an esthetic sense. It is an unseen energy, generated in the substantive work, energy and a spiritual message. Art is the reflecting spirit of the artist's emotions. The spirit shows through his melting in the society around the world as a whole. It is the mirror show a real picture about others. It is very similar to Interiors giving birth, but to intellectual and cultural art works. The concept of art is variable. It is not as significant scientific, or a product of experiment, in the laboratory with specific inputs and outputs. Yet, it is an equation with outputs and the unexpected results.

My artworks affect humanitarian aspects and variables that afflict human beings, which may be political, economic, or social. Man is the center. He is the manufacturer and a leading cause of these changes, whether positive or negative.  Artist transparency makes him susceptible to the sense of what is happening around him. Thus, I express these influences through my professional artworks. They have affected many things in me, and formed my aesthetic choice

My art works shows a community that is invisible. Where art is forms, which I made, establish relations between the artistic product and audience who watches it. I want the viewer to imagine the scene as a segment of society. The freedom of movement of the components of the work gives the impression of an internal dialogue between characters. The viewer will not understand my work if he did not become part of the movement. In my work, I hung headwear for men "Algter", Twine women and bamboo sticks and using flimsy thread hung from the roof which is covered with black fabric. The wind suggest movement, voices and these object are used in society and have tremendous energy. Some may not notice them because we are familiar with their every day existence; the repetition makes things normal and neglected. Therefore, they are in need of anyone to picked and emphasize their importance. Also, you find "Qahavi" "Algter" and thin sticks made from bamboo as well as the single preferred item. Which is hair specifically women hair, that is something important in their lives and there is a secret  relationship between the women and her hair that makes it  substantive work for the viewer this arouse feeling of  curiously towards women. The magic of their hair we might not give that much attention, but it is very intimate and I care to put it as part in my artworks since it means a lot to me. 

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