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Behind France

Every human being feels a range of emotions such as hope, desire, fear, love and compassion. These emotions help reflect who we are as individuals and connect us to our communities.


However many people often bury these feelings and emotions within them, keeping them behind a protective wall they construct around themselves. This barrier may prevent others seeing a person’s true nature; it may disguise that person’s vulnerabilities, desires or strengths. At best this wall or barrier can give a person a mysterious, enigmatic air. At worst it can make them unknowable, frightening and isolated.


In a world that can be threatening or destructive, repressing your true feelings can give the illusion of safety or protection. The real self seems beyond hurt and pain because it is never completely exposed.  But by putting on this set of emotional battle armour for the outside world people end up not understanding, engaging or feeling in the actual life they are living.


Paradoxically as the globe gets smaller and we know more and more about one another, many people seem to be ever more frightened of each other and are building bigger and bigger protective walls between themselves. As a result real feeling and real understanding remain out of reach.

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