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I discovered many rituals and beliefs surrounding the uses of the indigo dye and the burqa fabric including those associated with marriage customs and the transference of the light of the prophet Yusuf to a bride when the dye was applied to her skin. According to the Quran, the Prophet Yusuf was the most handsome man, with a special light illuminating his face, and some Emirati women believe that they will inherit this light through wearing the burqa. 

The burqa speaks, its indigo residue bleeds as an active witness to its lost past. It also plays a part in rediscovery or keeping the past of this material object alive through contemporary art practice as an aesthetic strategy.

In this performance, I changed the function of the burqa textile use to making Emirati burqa cover women face as tools of my painting. Use the burqa textile within indigo dye as basic of my painting dealing with the fabric as my brush to create the artwork.

 In the performance, show the intimate between the burqa textile and the actor (me) in touch, moving, fold, compresses and squeeze move from corner to another of canvas.  

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