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Denmark work

I was artist resdent in Copenhagen, Denmark.  create two art works one of them work “Burqa”


A face that creativity tries to restore its removed image through different means of expression.  This means that visual arts try to do what poetry tries to determine or to put within a frame when it resorted to add an ultra-realistic touches of beauty to the female face; a matter which made supernatural or metaphysical features among the most distinct characteristics that contributed to the deformation of the individuality of the personality.  This requires due attention within the new theories that deal with such aesthetic phenomena, and through the contexts that they reveal, implying a lot of things that need contemporary explanations to find an expression and relationship with the same concept.

Masks are well-known by different nations.  They stand for a basic address for the understanding of their arts – as it was in Africa, Eskimos, Red Indians and the like.  If the mask represents in those arts an invocation of natural powers, totems, and awakening of emotions that tribes need such as courage and pride or as embodiments of signs that exclude certain attitudes and events and protection against famine, wars, and dryness and starvation, the face-veil changes into a dominant scene and a carried-over image, uprooted from its reality and transferred into a new world that the UAE artist, Karimah Al Shomely shows through a collection of installational works governed by a contemporary aesthetic imagination that tries to utilize the traditional cultural context that may help her add an expressive contribution that would change the concept and image of the woman and her living reality.

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