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Value lost  UK and  UAE

The economic crisis has led me to wonder how much a person is worth. Not only have people lost money and jobs, mostly leave also literally lost their homes and soon their lives ruined.

 This made me think that people DO have price. Is humanity now evaluated by how much you gain? How much a person you earn? Do people have to walk now with tags on their backs or shoulders indicating that they are worth something? Are people now considered a product that is not worth investing in? Is this crisis going to reshape society? People are separating themselves from others becoming selfish in order to rescue themselves regardless of the harm they impose on others? Does the media play a role in giving people the stamp of a PRODUCT as a cow is landed or in meddle east, a camel. I feel that contemporary society has lost its trust in humankind and becoming dehumanized.

My artwork gives voice of what is happening in all over the world. My work deals with psychological and spiritual issues that beset people today and are reason for these problems is a disconnection from God. As a result we can see a fret deal of as depression, anxiety, phobia, and violence in society. I am not trying to find solution through my artwork; I am merely attempting to show audiences what I feel is reality and I do this by using mix media on artwork.

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