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My self portrait by other

One of the unique artistic genres is that of interpreting the other through the lens of the creative self, i.e. painting a model through the eyes of the artist. We can say that a portrait isn't just reading the other through the self but also a spiritual dialogue between the creative self and the model other; in essence the, the artist is painting themselves. Dutch artist Van Gogh was one of the most famous "Auto portrait" painters of all time. In his numerous self-portraits, he painted himself from all different angles using different colors and expressing a range of psychological states. It seemed as if he was engaging in a dialogue between the conscious self and the virtual self on the painting, so we can also say that he put a distance between his self and his painting, and in that way he was able to produce self-portraits truly worthy of consideration and deliberation. This fundamental concept is the starting point for artist Karima Al Shomali. Her new artistic thesis is the exact

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